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Chaos and The Cosmos is an original indie art rock band, who crafts the listening experience to your Space Rock, Dream Pop needs using our deeply rooted influences in 60's Psychedelic and Folk, 70's Art Rock, Classical Music, and Vintage and Newer Electronica.


Chaos and The Cosmos is the musical vehicle of composers Paul Langer and John Allday. From conception to earbud, they draw on decades of musical exploration, playing in bands of varying genres including southern rock, experimental/avant guard, new wave, alternative, prog, surf, with triphop and americana sprinkled in.


Paul began in orchestra at 9 years old on the Double Bass--it was bigger than he was! At 12, he started playing electric bass. Paul's early years include playing bass in various east coast bands, including 'Duke Jupiter' and 'R.O. Gooden and the Ballistic Missiles'. After moving to Hawaii in the late 80s, Paul joined 'The Love Gods' and later sang lead and wrote for 'Joan at Home' and 'Buddy Haole'. After a short stint with 'Hazeldine' in Albuquerque, Paul released his solo album High Plains Drifter, which astronaut Scott Kelley played on the STS-103 international space station in 1999, thus foreshadowing Paul's space-themed future. High plains indeed! Besides 'Chaos and The Cosmos', Paul has his 'I Dream of Fiji' original surf instrumental effort, and is in 'The Chill Pill' and 'The Other Ones'.


John started his keys journey on a found dusty organ in his childhood Oklahoma home. Through school he played trumpet, though his musical love was always the keys. He played in 'Reznor' before leaving Oklahoma. Arriving in Seattle, he formed the keys-dominant trio 'JDW' and was its creative force during its short reign. Most recently, John co-founded the Seattle-based prog band 'Moon Letters', which has recently released Thank You From the Future (2022).  


// guitars and vocals


Paul sings lead, plays guitar, bass, keys, drums, and co-writes the material with John.


// keys


John plays keys, sings backing vocals, and co-writes the material with Paul.


Chaos and The Cosmos has real strings! and they are fantasic players. Here is just a hint of what they've done: Rachel Nesvig, violin, has played with 'Evenessence' and 'The Who'. Aleida Gehrels, viola, has toured with Macklemore. Phil Hirschi, cello, played in version two of 'Mahavishnu Orchestra', appearing on two albums Apocalypse and Visions of the Emerald Beyond, the former of which George Martin regarded as "one of the best records [he had] ever made".


// violin


// cello

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